Terms & Conditions

All participants at the Heathfield Agricultural Show must read and agree with the following rules and regulations. Participants is defined as all contractors, trade stand exhibitors, entrants of livestock, competitors in events and vendors of food, beverage and produce.

Your Legal Responsibilities
It is a condition of entry to the showground that all contractors, trade stand exhibitors, entrants of livestock, competitors in events and vendors of food, beverage and produce comply fully with the Health & Safety policy published by the Heathfield Agricultural Show (HAS), copies of which can be obtained from the Show Secretary. All persons listed above must also ensure that they comply fully with all the relevant requirements of current health & safety legislation. Failure to do so could result in individuals, companies or organisations being asked to withdraw their personnel from the site, at no additional cost to the HAS. The Show Safety Officer and/or a member of the enforcing authority may wish to ensure your compliance with these requirements. All signs and notices on the Showground, the property of & erected by the HAS, must not be tampered with or moved under any circumstances.

These guidelines are issued by the HAS. They are not a substitute for any verbal briefing that may be necessary and additional controls may be required for some tasks (i.e. A ‘Permit to Work’). Please ensure every effort is made to assist the HAS in their aim for zero accidents on site.

Public Liability Insurance
All entrants to the Showground, other than members of the general public, must have public liability insurance that is suitable, adequate and appropriate to their level of involvement in the activities within the Showground.

Smoking Policy
You should be aware that to comply with the Law, smoking is only allowed outside of any tented or permanent buildings. Persons observed smoking within any enclosed spaces will be requested to extinguish their cigarette or to move outside of the enclosed space. The prohibition also applies to electronic vaping devices.

Site Access
Persons entering the Showground are free to move around the site but must abide by all traffic management directions and the instructions of stewards and others working on behalf of the HAS. Personnel should be aware that during various periods throughout the pre- show preparations and on the show day, the volume of vehicle movements in some areas is high. In particular, personnel should be aware of the threat posed by reversing vehicles.

Site Security
The HAS will provide general ground security cover from midday Thursday 26th May to the morning of Sunday 29th May. However, participants are solely responsible for the security of their stand at all times.

Overhead Hazards
No overhead work is to be carried out without suitable safeguards being implemented. Where required, personnel will wear suitable head protection at all times and appropriate warning notices will be posted at all likely access points to the area of risk.

Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Tackle
Any equipment of this type that is brought onto the Showground must have a current copy of the relevant test and inspection certificate available for presentation to the Show Safety Officer. All such equipment must comply with the legal requirements detailed in the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.

Electrical Work
All electrical connections to the HAS supplies must be carried out in accordance with current safety procedures outlined in the latest edition of the IEE Regulations and carried out only by the HAS Electrical Contractor appointed. All appliances and systems used must comply fully with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Evidence of suitable Portable Appliance Testing may be requested by the HAS Electrical Contractor or the Show Safety Officer.
Fire Precautions
No bonfires or open air burning of refuse will be permitted on site without the permission (in writing) of the HAS.

N.B. Any person discovering a fire, no matter how small, must report it immediately (See attached Fire procedure). The HAS has fire-fighting equipment available, this is not to be used for any other purpose other than fire fighting. All personnel on site should ensure they are aware of the action to take in the event of fire.

ALL TRADE STANDS must have their own Fire Extinguishers on their Stand to comply with Health and Safety legislation.

Permit to Work
To control the hazardous elements of some activities, the HAS operate a ‘Permit to Work’ system. This entails a responsible person discussing the proposed activity with those persons undertaking the task. A Permit to Work is then issued which lists the controls required to ensure the safety of all those likely to be affected by an activity, operation, etc. The Permit is issued for a specified period of time and must be returned upon completion of the task or when the time limit expires. Some activities, such as soldering, use of a cutting torch or use of a grinder, may be termed as ‘Hot Work’ and these activities may also require the issue of a ‘Permit to Work’.

All machinery used by contractors must conform to all relevant legislation. Particular attention should be paid to:

  • The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989;
  • Employers Liability (Defective Equipment) Act 1969;
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

Pressure Vessels
Any pressure vessel brought onto site must conform with current legislation, Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. Persons bringing this type of equipment onto site must be able to show the Show Safety Officer a current certificate of test and inspection.

Services Below Ground
It is important that before any person commences any digging operations, they ascertain the position of below ground services, additional details and advice may be obtained from the Show Safety Officer. Persons who fail to do so will be held liable for any subsequent damage or loss arising.

The entrances and exits of the HAS show site are in constant use. All pedestrians should take extreme care, particularly during the pre-show set up days and when the area is being dismantled. Any vehicle driven within the confines of the HAS site should take extreme caution and be aware of pedestrians at all times. The 5mph speed limits must be strictly adhered to and drivers deemed to be driving their vehicles in excess of the speed limit will be prohibited from site. To keep all vehicle movement areas safe, the parking of vehicles should be carried out in such a manner so as not to cause an obstruction.

Consultation with the Show Safety Officer or Security personnel should take place and should result in the optimum safe access for all users of the areas. Copies of the HAS Workplace Transport Risk Assessments can be obtained from the Show Safety Officer.

Environmental Issues – Spillages and Waste Disposal
Spillage of hazardous substances into any drains, ditches or local water courses on site should be reported to the Show Safety Officer immediately. Persons using the site are responsible for the regular removal of their waste materials from the site. This must be carried out in an appropriate manner that complies with all current waste handling regulations. Persons MUST NOT deposit hazardous waste materials into any HAS waste skips or other waste containers. The HAS would strongly recommend that every effort is made to recycle all waste generated by the trade stands activities

Persons using hazardous substances must ensure that any relevant COSHH Assessments are available for inspection by the Show Safety Officer. No personnel working on behalf of HAS or members of the general public should have unauthorised access to these substances. All hazardous substances brought onto site must be stored, used and disposed of in a proper and safe manner.

Accident Reporting
If any person is involved in an accident that results in damage to materials, vehicles or premises, or results in an injury being suffered by themselves or other person, he/she must to report the details to the Show Safety Officer. The individuals concerned will be expected to co-operate fully in any subsequent investigation by the Show Safety Officer. Refusal to make a statement at time of an incident may prejudice any possible findings made during further investigations.
First Aid Facilities
Any person working on behalf of the HAS can be requested to assist in obtaining Frst Aid from the first available location. During the Show Day, Frst Aid is available by the Blue Gate & western end of Row C from the appointed service provider. Full details will be confirmed just prior to the Show date.

Health & Safety & Licensing
All persons working in any capacity on the Showground must adhere to the Governmental Rules & Regulations of the Health & Safety Act 1974 and the Licensing Act 2003. Any participants requiring an alcohol license must apply for their own Temporary Event Notice (TEN) from Wealden District Council.

Use of Drones
The HAS do not permit the use of drones or powered radio-controlled aircraft in the air space above and surrounding the show ground. Permission may be granted to holders of the correct CAA licences, but this will be after due consideration of the areas where the drone is to be used, in relation to livestock and members of the public.

COVID-19 Safety Measures
The Event Safety Officer is the designated COVID-19 Officer for the HAS and will be assisted by the Show’s stewards, security and medical staff.

The HAS will implement any government restrictions and best practice advice required both during the build-up and operation of the Show. These may include social distancing, signage, hand sanitising stations, requirement to wear face masks, areas with limited access and controlled routes of flow.

All participants must assume responsibility for ensuring that their exhibits and activities comply with all legal requirements and best practice advice as may be in place at the time of the event to protect the safety of participants and public alike.

In the event that the Show is postponed or cancelled because of COVID, then the HAS undertakes to offer Trade Stand Exhibitors the option of either: a full refund; or to carry forward their booking and payment to the rescheduled event.

If local or regional COVID restrictions specifically prevent a Trade Stand Exhibitor from attending, the Exhibitor may apply to the Show Office for a discretionary refund.

Graham Baldwin, Alcumus HSE. 07779 456402