Exhibitor Information

Please find below the Guidance Notes for the Show.  All Trade Stand exhibitors must comply with these rules and regulations. 

You must also comply with all of the general Terms & Conditions of the Heathfield Agricultural Show, which can be found here.


Cheques should be made payable to Heathfield Agricultural Show. Cheques will NOT be accepted after 1st May 2023 and payment after this date is via BACS ONLY. ALL payments must be received by 5th May 2023. Trade stands not paid for by that date will be re-allocated.

Refunds are at the discretion of the Heathfield Agricultural Show (HAS) and will not be made to those cancelling after 1st May 2023. A cancellation charge of 10% will be made in all cases.

No payment can be made by the Show in respect of any preliminary/setting up costs incurred by trade stands or to any third party contractors (e.g. marquee companies) who are solely the responsibility of trade stand exhibitors.


An Early Booking discount will be applied to bookings received by 30th November 2023.

Priority  booking will be given to 2022 Trade Stand exhibitors until 31th January 2023. Suitable new applicants will be accepted after this.

A Late Fee will be applied to bookings received after 30th March 2023.

The final closing date is 30th April 2023.

Please give details of the goods you propose to exhibit in no more than five words.

Motor dealers please give the makes of the vehicles to be exhibited; franchise holders should note that the Showground is in the TN21 postal area.

Exhibitors must book sufficient space to contain their entire exhibit including guy ropes, caravan tow bars etc. No part of an exhibit will be allowed to project over the boundary lines allocated. Infringement of this rule could result in a penalty charge of up to £500.

It is essential that all exhibitors supply a copy of their public liability insurance certificate adequate for their stand, covering the date of the Show. We must have sight of this document by 5th May 2023 in order for you to be able to exhibit.

In order not to infringe the catering & ice cream concessions, only Exhibitors in the Food Marquee and Farmer’s Market are permitted to sell food, drink and confectionery.

Any Exhibitors offering refreshments to clients must ensure that the preparations do not offend other people and conform with local Environmental Health requirements.

The Food Marquee and Farmer’s Market is intended primarily for the sale of foodstuffs for consumption away from the Showground.
Stallholders must adhere to the certified Farmer’s Market FARMA rules, all goods and produce must have been grown, crafted, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed by the small- holder or farmer.

All bookings and questions relating to the Farmers Market must be made with the Farmers Market Coordinator, Laura Dymore, on 07958 372605 or lauradym28@hotmail.co.uk.

Orders for power must be made on the provided application form and sent direct to Excel Event Solutions enclosing the costs indicated. Exhibitors must provide their own cable to reach from the socket at the back of their site. The Show cannot be held responsible for the standard of supply or its failure due to circumstances beyond the Show’s control.

Generators are NOT permitted on the Showground. Any queries must be addressed to the Trade Stand Secretary.

All trade stands will be judged. Criteria for judging will include attractiveness, friendliness of staff, interest to the public and creative and effective use of Stand layout. A trophy will be awarded to the winner of each class. A full set of rules and information is available on our website: www.heathfieldshow.org/trade-stands

Registered charities or community organisations benefiting the people of Heathfield & District may apply for one of the specially designated stands 6m x 6m at the discounted rate of £150 + VAT which will be allocated at the discretion of the Show Council.

It is important that you indicate on your application form the length and weight of any vehicles to be sited on the trade stand. Vehicles must be able to manoeuvre within the space reserved. Buses are not allowed without special permission which must be obtained in writing from the Trade Stand Secretary.
a)    Admission passes will be allocated as per the Trade Stand prices on our website.
b)    Extra adult passes are available at the discounted rate of £18.00 (inc VAT).
c)    Dispatch of passes: The number of your Trade Stand, the vehicle labels and exhibitor passes etc. will be dispatched from the first week of May to the contact person named on the application form and to the address provided on the application form. Do not forget to advise the Trade Stand Secretary of any change of address or contact name.

a)  Vehicles wishing to enter the Showground must have a ‘Trade Stand vehicle’ label firmly affixed to their windscreen otherwise they will not be admitted.
b)  No vehicle movement is permitted on the Showground, on Show day, between 8.00 am - 5.30 pm.
c)  Enquiries on the ground should be made to the Trade Stand Secretary situated in the BLUE office by the main Blue Gate.
d)  Access to Showground. The colour of the vehicle label dictates which entry gate should be used, i.e. blue, red or green.
e)  In the event of severe weather, please observe any routing signs on the road side.


Mon 22nd – Thurs 25th May:  9am – 5pm
Fri 26th May: 7am – 8pm
Sat 27th May: 5am – 8am
Show closes to the public:  5.15pm

No vehicle movement is permitted on the Showground between 8.00am and 5.30pm on Show Day.

Details can be found on our website. Please note that the Car Park labels issued to Members do not give vehicles access to the Showground.

a)  All exhibits or articles remaining on the Show-ground are at the sole risk of the Exhibitor. Security guards will be on duty continuously from 9am on Thursday 25th through to 9am Sunday 28th May.
b)  No Exhibitor shall be permitted to exhibit, sell or offer for sale any article or service except on the stand allocated to his/her company or organisation.
c)  Balloons are completely banned even as decorations and whether or not inflated. They can frighten livestock and cause accidents. Dangerous weapons are also banned.
d)  No Exhibitor shall call attention to his goods in such a manner as to cause annoyance. Hawking, shouting or behaviour causing a nuisance is forbidden. Activities likely to cause annoyance, such as karaoke etc. are not allowed. Fly posting is also forbidden.
e)  No livestock of any description can be exhibited on trade stands..
f)  Stands must be open and all exhibits displayed for public view by 8.00 am and remain open until the Show closes at 5.15 pm.
g)  If you wish to mow your site before 22nd May 2023, please contact the Show Office. All grass cuttings    should    be    removed    from    the Showground. A grass cutting service is available – details are available from the Trade Stand Secretary and in passes packs.

For more details, click here. Or contact Holly Unsworth White on 07795 568026 or email: arts.crafts@heathfieldshow.org.

If you wish to display banners, placards or other advertising material on any part of the Showground (apart from your own Trade Stand), please apply to the Show/Sponsorship Secretary in writing or via email at secretary@heathfieldshow.org.

This is a chargeable service.

It is desirable that the name of the Trade Stand Exhibitor be displayed on their Stand for ease of identification.

In order not to infringe this concession, Exhibitors will not be permitted to have fairground rides, bouncy castles etc. on their stands. If you are in any doubt, consult the Trade Stand Secretary.

Exhibitors wishing to use radio microphones must inform the Show Office of the frequencies they intend to use. The Show reserves the right to limit the number of frequencies and power should they interfere with their own equipment.

a)    Trade Stands must not be dismantled or re moved from the Showground before 5.30 pm.
b)    Exhibitors must leave their stand areas clean and tidy at the end of Show Day. Trade Stands are solely responsible for their OWN rubbish and making sure it is disposed of in the bins and skips provided. Failure to do so will lead to a penalty charge of £500.
c)    All stands must be completely cleared from the Showground by 12 noon on Sunday 28th May 2023; otherwise they will be removed at cost and risk of their owners.
d)    All sites must be left in their original state. All holes must be properly filled in. If the Show has to repair your site, you will be charged accordingly.
e)    The Red Gate must not be used for clearing exhibits.

a)    The Heathfield Agricultural Show (HAS), its officers or servants shall not be responsible to any persons whatsoever while in or upon the premises being used by the Show, or while entering or leaving the same for any damage or loss however caused to the property (including marquees) of any such person or for any injury, fatal or otherwise to any such person.
b)    Exhibitors, the Public and all Stock and Servants are subject to the Rules and Regulations or Orders of the HAS. Neither the HAS nor any of its Officers or Servants shall be responsible for anything that may happen from any cause or circumstance whatever to exhibitors, their servants, or any persons visiting or attending the HAS, or through or to any Animal or Article exhibited at the HAS, and it shall be considered a condition of entry or admission to the Ground that each person shall hold the HAS harmless, and that they shall indemnify the HAS against any legal proceedings arising from any such case or circumstance.
a)    It is a condition of entry to the Showground that all contractors, trade exhibitors, entrants of livestock, competitors in events and vendors of food, beverages or produce comply fully with the Show’s Health & Safety Policy. Copies of this document are available from the Show Secretary.
b)    Guidance Notes for Persons Entering the Showground (other than the general public). All exhibitors are required to read the enclosed document and complete the attached form and return it together with the completed trade stand application form.
c)    All exhibitors, vendors and competitors must comply in full with all legislation and requirements for Her Majesty’s Government Acts concerning health and safety for the occupation in which they are involved.
d)    Risk assessment forms must be completed and available for inspection at any time. A sample form is available here.
e)    All Trade Exhibitors should have current public liability insurance cover that is appropriate to their involvement on the Showground.
f)    The Show Safety Officer and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate may wish you to demonstrate compliance with these conditions on the Showground.
g)    All Trade Stand holders MUST have suitable fire extinguishers ON THEIR STAND to comply with Health & Safety rules. Failure to do so could result in eviction from Showground. Smoking is not permitted in any enclosed marquee or tent as laid down by Law